Bonn for Beginners

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Bonn for Beginners. Guided Tour in English

Bonn for Beginners.
Guided Tour in English

This tour is offered for English speaking visitors (individuals and / or small groups), Bonn newcomers and guests.

Together we will discover the history of the Poppelsdorf Chateau, the Südstadt (a very special late 19th century residential area) and walk along Poppelsdorf Avenue to Bonn University, the former residence of the electors of Cologne. We will visit the Minster Cathedral, the Beethoven monument, the market place with the old town hall, the birth place of Ludwig van Beethoven and the Old Toll, a site that offers a beautiful view towards the Siebengebirge and the Drachenfels. The memorial at the Kennedy Bridge calls back the memory of the Jewish inhabitants of Bonn who where persecuted and killed during the rule of the Nazis. At the end of our walk through town we will lead you to the town museum (Stadtmuseum) where you can get more information about the history of Bonn (entrance fee for the Museum 2,50/1,60 € p.p.)

For groups only


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Meeting point:
At the corner of Poppelsdorfer Allee/Prinz-Albert-Straße

Price for booked groups (up to 20 individuals):
200,-/160,- €

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